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Penny Gosling - Parkmore Osteopathy


Penny graduated from her Degree in Human Movement in 1993 and then went on to complete a Graduate Diploma in Exercise for Rehabilitation in 1994. This lead to a keen interest in the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries, including sporting injuries. Penny then went on to complete Osteopathy in 2000.  

The combination of Human Movement, Exercise Rehabilitation and Osteopathy has been the focus of Parkmore Osteopathy, where all treatments involve diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation to prevent further injuries.

Penny trains and competes in fun runs, open water swims and triathlons herself, which adds to a personal interest in dealing with the injuries that can occur from these sports.

Penny is a member of the Australian Osteopathic Association and Sports Medicine Australia.


"I was just bending over to pull up my jeans when I felt a sudden sharp pain in my back."
"It's just a constant dull ache across my forehead by the end of the day."
"I get a burning pain from my shoulder and down into my upper arm when I use the arm."
"The further I walk, the greater the ache down the back of my legs." "Both knees just feel stiff when I squat."
"I went up for a mark and landed flat on my back."
"My child fell off the trampoline and landed on his feet but said he jarred his back."
"I get a sharp pain in the sole of my foot when I first get out of bed in the morning, it eases through the morning."
"I sprained my ankle three months ago and it just hasn't healed that well."
"I get an aching and clicking in my jaw especially when I eat crunchy or chewy foods."
"I have had pain in my low back ever since the birth of my daughter eight months ago."
"My back pain seems to be getting worse as my pregnancy progresses."
"I cant open jars without getting sharp pain in my elbow."
"I fell off my snowboard two days ago and then the 12 hour drive home killed my back."
"The pain in my knee comes on about ten minutes into my run and just get progressively worse."
"Swimming seems to be the one thing that aggravates my shoulder pain."

Sound familiar? These are examples of the stories we hear every day at the clinic. These are also the types of people we help every day. 

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